Our Quality Commitment

Here to Guide You

Using medical marijuana is a process of finding out what works best for you. There is no set amount or method that works the same for everyone. The staff at CVD and SVW will work with you each time you visit to improve your experience, relying on current medical research and a body of knowledge developed through our relationship with thousands of other patients.

Where Agriculture Meets Science

The dispensary’s cultivators are the latest Vermonters to be dedicated to excellence in agriculture. We combine science with Vermont craftsmanship to master the art of cannabis cultivation and product development in all its phases. Everything we offer patients is produced at our Chittenden County facilities. CVD believes strongly in using all-natural methods and OMRI-certified pesticides at all times.

Lab Tested for Patient Safety

The dispensary has made a considerable investment in our lab to provide patients with medicine that’s safe. We use it to test the medicinal traits of our cannabis, as well as to screen for contaminants.

Transparency & Professionalism

Documentation and security are at the core of our operations. We track every single plant we grow, with a unique ID and barcode from the moment a clone is rooted all the way through to harvest. Once harvested, the plant material is assigned a unique batch number. Every step is designed to ensure full transparency for patients.