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‘A privilege’: Brattleboro marijuana dispensary open for business


Southern Vermont Wellness opened Tuesday at 1222 Putney Road. And Executive Director Shayne Lynn, who also directs Burlington’s dispensary, said things have gone smoothly so far in Brattleboro. “We’re excited to be down there and looking forward to serving the local community,” Lynn said. “It feels like a privilege to do this.” State officials last year announced that Brattleboro had been approved for the state’s fourth dispensary, joining facilities in Burlington, Brandon and Montpelier.

“We’ve seen roughly 15 patients so far, and everything’s gone smoothly,” Lynn added Friday. “People are just happy there’s a dispensary in southern Vermont.” He sees potential for growth here. On the state’s marijuana-registry website, there is a map showing that, as of August, Windham County’s number of approved medical-marijuana patients (106) was second only to Chittenden County (146.) Read this entire article.

There also is potential for expansion due to a bill that has been introduced by Windham County Sen. Jeanette White, a Putney-based Democrat who says the state’s medical-marijuana program has worked well. White’s bill would make changes including removing a statewide registration cap of 1,000 patients; allowing creation of two additional dispensaries; and permitting dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana to homebound patients. Lynn said he has seen a need for the latter provision at his Burlington dispensary, noting that some patients are disabled and have trouble navigating harsh winter weather. Read more.

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Over 1,000 Vermonters have registered for medical marijuana


Eight months after the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries opened, 1,017 patients have registered with the state to receive the drug, the Department of Public Safety told lawmakers this week. A fourth dispensary, Southern Vermont Wellness, is slated to open Tuesday in Brattleboro, officials said. The state’s other three dispensaries are in Burlington, Brandon and Montpelier.
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The bill would also eliminate a statewide cap on the number of registered patients who receive marijuana from a dispensary. Of the 1,017 patients registered with the state, 642 patients have selected dispensaries, said Francis Aumand, director of the criminal justice services division of the Department of Public Safety. The other 375 patients grow their own, Aumand said.

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Southern Vermont Wellness to open in Brattleboro

BRATTLEBORO, VT – Burlington dispensary operator Shayne Lynn is about to double-down on his medical marijuana gamble.

Thursday, the state conditionally approved his plans to open a second dispensary at the opposite end of the state — in Brattleboro. The approval is the fourth and final dispensary allowed under state law. Windham County has the second-most medical marijuana patients in the state behind Chittenden County — 106 of the more than 800 in Vermont — but the closest dispensary is currently in Montpelier.
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Jeff Wallin oversees the state medical marijuana program and says the Burlington and Brattleboro facilities will be allowed to share resources. Most notably, the Burlington dispensary’s marijuana growing facility.  “However, one thing they’ll be required to do in the ramp up when they’re allowed to actually begin opening and actually begin working with patients is provide to us how they’re going to keep the product lines separate and how they’re going to keep their governance and paperwork and all that separate,” Wallin said.

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Southern Vermont Wellness to appear before Development Review Board

BRATTLEBORO, VT – Shayne Lynn, owner of Southern Vermont Wellness, Inc. and recipient of Vermont’s fourth and final marijuana dispensary license, filed a Change of Use permit with the Brattleboro Development Review Board for approval to open the dispensary at 1222 Putney Road, in the building in front of the former Steak Out restaurant. Lynn will appear before the DRB at the board’s next meeting scheduled for Dec. 16. Read this entire article.

“The DRB meeting is a great chance to provide any information the community might like to know about how we plan to open, and ask questions about the rules and regulations we operate under,” Lynne said. “Obviously there is a lot of misinformation out there and this a good opportunity to set the record straight and understand what we plan to do. It is also a time to put a face on the nonprofit and understand what our mission is.”
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