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Vermont Marijuana Registry Document Library
The Vermont Marijuana Registry primary purpose is to assist individuals applying for a registry identification card and oversee the operations of the four registered dispensaries in Vermont that provide marijuana for symptom relief to registered patients.

Project CBD
Project CBD is a non-profit educational service dedicated to promoting and publicizing research into the medical utility of cannabidiol (CBD) and other components of the cannabis plant. It is intended to update providers and patients about developments in cannabinoid science, promote research, and emphasizes the whole plant therapeutics of cannabis (not just THC or CBD).

Healer’s goal is to create a positive and supportive community of like-minded medical cannabis users as a transparent, trusted source of cannabis information and a respected authority on its safe and smart use. Their programs provide the essential basics of dosage and delivery methods to help you develop healthy new patterns in your life.

Several different sections including a reader (ongoing history of marijuana), dispatches (original articles), second column (information worth sharing), and a CBDiary (blog).

Patients Out of Time
Provides information to health care professionals, patients, and caregivers about cannabis. Clinical conferences, information about the therapeutic basis of cannabis, and indications for use are also provided.

United Patients Group
United Patients Group is an unparalleled resource and trusted leader in Medical Cannabis for physicians, patients and organizations. UPG acts as a virtual hand for patients and offers CME education and consulting to physicians and medical institutions. UPG believes that education is paramount in understanding the potential for Medical Cannabis treatment and acts as a conduit between worldwide medical institutions and the medical cannabis industry.

Vermont Region

Vermont Marijuana Registry
The Vermont Marijuana Registry (VMR) is a program located within the Department of Public Safety whose purpose is to implement the provisions of 18 V.S.A. Chapter 86, Therapeutic Use of Cannabis, as they pertain to registered patients, caregivers, and the creation and operation of four dispensaries.  The VMR’s primary purpose is to assist individuals applying for a registry identification card and oversee the operations of the four registered dispensaries in Vermont that provide marijuana for symptom relief to registered patients.

Cannabis Science and Medicine Continuing Medical Education at UVM
Five online modules with 1-2 hours of content focused on Cannabis for therapeutic use may be completed a la carte by qualified medical professionals, or interested individuals 18 years of age or older.  Medical professionals can earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) units for each module successfully completed. During registration you will be asked to indicate whether you are taking the module(s) for CMEs or not.

UVM Continuing and Distance Learning
Cannabis Outreach


Americans for Safe Access
ASA provides training and resources for activists. Including legal resources, resources by state, information on talking to the media, testifying, lobbying, movement building, etc. They also offer condition-based booklets and state legal manuals for purchase.

Marijuana Policy Project
The mission of this group is to increase support for non-punitive, non-coercive marijuana policies, identify and activate supporters of those policies, change state laws to reduce or eliminate penalties for medical and non-medical use of marijuana, and gain influence in Congress. Information about significant issues and policies as well as news is available.

Provides information about marijuana, including a primer; personal, medical, and industrial use; testing; health endorsements; legal issues, and a “research library” of information.  State NORML chapters provide varying levels of education, primarily regarding legal issues.

For Physicians

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians
The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating physicians about the medical use of cannabis. Its mission is to unite into one association members of the various medical specialties and allied professionals with this common purpose.

The Realm of Caring
We improve lives through Research, Education, and Advocacy. By funding and conducting Research, we learn more about cannabis and its effects while legitimizing the therapy. Education empowers consumers to select the best products for their individual needs, and informs healthcare professionals about options for their patients. Through Advocacy, we spread the truth about cannabis and expand access to those in need. Read more about our specific programs below.

Quality Standards

ASA’s Patient Focused Certification Program
Dispensaries, laboratories and product manufacturers who display the Patient Focused Certification seal have met the high quality standards for medical cannabis products and businesses issued by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia (AHP).


Vermont Medical Cannabis Patient Survey
This survey was initiated to better understand patients’ experience with medical cannabis and its impact on health and well-being.

National Cannabis Industry Association: Opioid Crisis
Comprehensive research focusing on cannabis as a promising option for the opioid crisis.

Physician Guide to Cannabis-Assisted Opioid Reduction
Comprehensive research focusing on cannabis as a replacement for opioids and as a prevention of the development of opioid tolerance. Prepared by Adrianne Wilson-Poe, Ph.D.

Video: Marijuana and the Brain
Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains how marijuana affects the brain and how it can be used to treat certain conditions.

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